Savannah, GA   |   September 14-15, 2017   |  #laslms17


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The Lean Accounting Summit, and more importantly the lean accounting community, is now in it’s 2nd decade of exploring their role in measuring and motivating lean behaviors. The next several years will be exciting as together we move beyond bridging the gap between accounting and lean operations, and explore bridging the gaps between accounting and the rest of the organization (HR, IT, Sales, R&D, etc.). No matter where you are in your lean accounting understanding, we’ll have something to challenge you and equip you to be a strong lean leader.



Savannah, GA
September 14-15, 2017


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Karen Martin, author of The Outstanding Organization, has been quoted, “For decades now, “management” has been synonymous with managing people. Meanwhile, processes, the lifeblood of an organization, remain largely unmanaged.” It’s in this spirit that the Lean Management Summit enters its 2nd year. The Summit seeks to bring organizational leaders from HR, Sales, R&D, and more, to work in concert with Accounting and one another to flow value across the organization… across “silos” of the organization.

Lean Accounting Summit / Lean Management Summit

Why are they combined?

The role of Lean Accounting has been developing for over a decade.  Many organizations have successfully learned that the role of lean accounting was much more than just improving their accounting methods. They’ve come to understand that the real impact was how lean accounting actually created a more competitive and learned organization.  It directly impacted how people manage their business.  This understanding is at the core of why the Lean Management Summit will run concurrently with the Lean Accounting Summit.  Lean Accounting is about significantly improved organizational management.  But excellent management is even much broader than only excellent accounting for lean.  The Lean Management Summit will share the knowledge and experience of how superior lean management skills create the Lean Enterprise and how managers and executives build their organization through building their people for continuous improvement for an extensive competitive advantage.

The 2017 Lean Accounting Summit and Lean Management Summit will do a deep dive into the connections and processes organizations use to make superior choices for better decisions on the management and finances of their organization.  Learn how successful companies utilize Lean Accounting principles and practices to guide themselves to significantly improved information with more profitable results.  Learn how companies execute lean management practices to accelerate their learning leading them to improved business results which greatly increases their competitiveness.  Organizations that have learned to be deliberate in their lean management practices and also in their methods of accounting for lean will share what they have learned, what they need to learn, and specifics on their results.  Don’t come to copy, but come to learn exactly how to take these successful practices back to your own organizations to create success at home.