Kata Deployment, Developing Lean Management: Case Studies

Presented By:

Beth Carrington

Session Abstract:

Based on Mike Rother’s award winning book, Toyota Kata…


  • Discuss the operationalized approach organizations have taken to develop scientific thinking and acting, done through simple, easy-to-teach, time-efficient, daily routines.
  • Discuss the content neutral and fractal nature of these Meta-Routines to build a common Lean Management pattern across all levels and in all areas of an organization.
  • A Lean Management pattern based on Coaching as very specific Skill Building Coaching Routine.
  • Use Case Studies demonstrate approaches organizations have taken to Deploy Kata to build these patterns and what we have learned to date.
  • Be prepared – here are links to two primer videos for the breakout session:



Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into the Lean Management patterns utilized by Toyota to develop people’s scientific way of thinking and acting to creatively accomplish organizational breakthrough objectives.
  • Examine and explore how a specific kata builds specific habitual behavior if supported by a coaching routine.
  • Grasp an understanding HOW organizations are going about changing the way their people think and act through specific Kata Deployment Case Studies.

About the Facilitator:

Beth Carrington is an Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata Instructor and Program Developer at LEI and other global organizations such as the University and Michigan.  Since 2008 Beth has worked with organization’s deploying the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata. Since 1999 Beth has been leading organizations in lean transformations helping a diverse group of clients; small and large, repetitive and custom processors in the manufacturing, healthcare, service and government sectors. Prior to consulting, Beth has over 20 years experience in leadership within the personal care, furniture and automotive industries.