Lean Retail Service Model

Presented By:

Anna Bohar

Session Abstract:

Heavy competition, saturated markets and commoditization characterize the automotive retail services in the biggest metro area in Canada.  In addition to the close proximity of several competing, same brand auto dealerships the proliferation of the fast lube service centers and independents have made differentiation and value proposition increasingly difficult.

In 2013, I experimented with the implementation of lean practices in our Honda service shop and through initial development, came with a minimum viable product ready for testing and implementation.  This was based on my successful experience making the highest quality Tier 2 parts supplier for Toyota in South America which achieved 0ppm defects in 2014 and 2015 and won the Best Supplier Award from Toyota in 2014.

This lead to the creation of our B-Synch service (video on our website); which created a maintenance service that effectively:

  1. Cut the work processing tie in half;
  2. Increased three times the amount of sub work that could be performed on the vehicle;
  3. And, improved the quality of the work with effective zero comebacks.

This has profound implications on productivity gains, cost reductions, and competitive differentiation beyond price reduction and without question help and fuel revenue increases in a flat, complex, and challenging market.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • the impact Lean has had in all our organizations
  • the power of Lean
  • the value of significant change in the industry
  • our future goals with the implementation of Lean

About the Facilitator:

Anna Bohar works at Toyotoshi Group in Ontario Canada.  While she comes with no fancy degrees she does come as a positive and confident individual who knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to try and obtain it.  Anna has worked hard to get to where she is today, with determination and perseverance.  She has a husband and a daughter, whom she adores more than anything.  She works extremely hard for herself first and her boss second and thrives on completing a task, and more so achieving and overcoming a challenge.  Anna possesses a strong work ethic, strong organizational skills and above all trustworthiness.

She brings great insight to this session, not as a professional, bit as an individual with great heart and passion for the improvement of an organization and happiness of team members.

Anna is currently in the process of writing a novel based upon her daughter’s struggles with depression in hopes of reaching out and helping other families in dealing with the same issues.