How to Gemba Walk

Presented By:

Michael Bremer

Session Abstract:

Even though most organizations say, “People are our most important asset!” day-to-day actions suggest they don¹t really believe it.   Elite organizations (those that are highly effective at improving) have one key difference from the rest.  They elevate the performance of average performers. It is a different way of operating than the norm.  Most leaders probably think they operate this way, but unfortunately they don¹t.

Gemba walks provide an opportunity for the walker to get more in touch with reality, to coach team members and to elevate the effectiveness of performance improvement activities.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • how to structure an effective Gemba Walk
  • three levers to improve your leadership ability/skills
  • the purpose will differ, based on the type of walk being done
  • the importance of effective visuals for performance improvement

About the Facilitator:

Michael Bremer is a Shingo Research Award Recipient 2016 for “How to Do a Gemba Walk”.

Author “Escape the Improvement Trap” and several other books, President of several start-ups, Chair Asso. Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Award’s Council (volunteer), President of the Cumberland Group and Exec. Director of the Chicagoland Lean Enterprise Consortium Group.  Former Chief Financial Officer for AME.  Michael teaches a class on innovative work practices for the University of Chicago’s Graham School “Better Ways to Work – Innovative Tools for Organizational Excellence.”  He is also a CPA.  Michael’s passion is to help more people learn to see the difference between average leaders and great leaders who effectively elevate the performance of average performers.