Transforming From the Inside Out

Presented By:

Norbert Majerus

Session Abstract:

Bottom up and top down are two popular modes for a lean transformation; but who has ever heard about an inside-out transformation? Inside-out is what we did at Goodyear for our transformation of global R&D and it is about helping the people who do the work to lead a successful transformation with a sponsor, training, coaching and empowerment. A successful transformation is one where when it is done, the people involved are convinced they did it all by themselves. Transformations like that are also much easier to sustain.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • how to lead a successful transformation
  • how to engage the associates in the transformation
  • how to sustain the gains from a transformation
  • why certain transformations are more successful than others

About the Facilitator:

Norbert Majerus

Beginning in 2005, Norbert has implemented a principles-based lean product development process at the three global innovation centers of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. For nearly a decade he has been Goodyear’s lean champion in research and development.

Norbert, born and raised in Luxembourg, has a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the Universitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken, Germany, and has worked most of the disciplines in the Goodyear innovation centers in Luxembourg and Akron.

Norbert recently published his first book “Lean-driven Innovation,” and he has spoken at many conferences in the USA and other countries