The Transformation Curve: How to Change an Organization

Presented By:

Steve Leuschel

Session Abstract:

This session will provide an overview of the Transformation Curve, a sequenced systematic approach to adapting the tools and techniques of TPS over the long-term developed by Rodger Lewis, one of the first Americans hired to Toyota Georgetown. The presenter—Steven Leuschel’s— real-life examples are from the pulp industry, medical device manufacturing, powdered metal, healthcare (inpatient, surgical, outpatient), and other industries. This session will focus on how you can adapt and introduce TPS over the long term using the different levels and phases of the Transformation Curve.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • how to adapt and sequence the tools of TPS starting with Level A including engaging the executive team, components of the continuous improvement program, and first steps of Lean management.
  • Level B including selecting and focusing on a pilot area to develop people and processes, create team work through team structure, andons, kanbans, and focused executive improvement.
  • how move from Level B to Level C by expanding the pilot hall, and link both organizational and infrastructure strategies to align every member of the workforce with the organization’s goals creating a multifunctional workforce.
  • participants will learn Level C including using one page reports, meeting facilitation, perfect attendance, and how they relate to kaizen events and hoshin planning.

About the Facilitator:

Steven R. Leuschel, has aided in the adaptation and implementation of Transformation Curve and Lean management at a number of manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries, teaching and coaching a daily management system at both executive and frontline levels. With a Masters in Management: Operational Excellence and a Masters Certificate in Health Services Leadership, Leuschel is pursuing his Ph.D. in Administration and Leadership Studies. Leuschel has spoken at the Performance Excellence for Healthcare Conference, North American Operational Excellence Summit, Keystone Alliance for Performance Excellence Conference.

He is currently serving as an internal Lean coach at a regional medical center. Leuschel’s first book, Lean Culture Change details the initial tools of a Lean system (Level A) of the Transformation Curve.