“The Complete Lean Enterprise” – Incorporating Office & Service in Value Stream Management

Presented By:

Drew Locher

Session Abstract:

Based on the Shingo Prize winning book of the same title, this workshop will review the powerful value stream mapping tool and how it is applied in office and service environments. More than just a mapping tool, when properly applied it is a powerful management and ‘social’ tool as well. VSM can be used to create collaboration between functions and departments. When aligned with the direction of the business it can help organizations achieve breakthrough results. Tips for properly preparing for a value stream re-design, and for creating effective current state maps will be provided. The future state questions will be carefully reviewed so that participants will understand how the key concepts of lean – value, flow, pull, and leveling – can be applied to office and service environments. Attendees will learn how the future state questions, which embody lean thinking, are used to re-design work processes, and the manner by which they are managed. Only if the management process is changed will the changes in work flow be sustained as the organization learns its way to the future state. A case study will be provided to enhance the learning process.

Learning Objectives:

  • To identify value streams in their organizations, and to properly prepare for a value stream re-design
  • To create proper current state maps for office and service value streams
  • To apply lean thinking to office and service value streams when creating viable future state maps
  • How to manage the process to insure long term success

About the Facilitator:

Drew Locher has 30 years of experience in the application of enterprise excellence concepts in a wide variety of industrial and service environments, including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, education, engineering, and more. He is a four-time author and two-time Shingo Prize recipient including two books on Value Stream Mapping. Drew has been a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) since 2001, and is the instructor for the University of Michigan’s Lean Leadership program.