A Collaborative Session: Sharing Stories of Getting Started in Lean Accounting with Limited Resources

Presented By:

April Royce

Session Abstract:

This session will be an avenue for people to share examples of what has worked and not worked in their Lean Accounting journey. I will start off the session with an intro and some examples of the challenges faced. A specific outline for the process will be given (such as 3 minutes to share) and ask people to consolidate their story to provide in a challenge/ decision/ outcome format and encourage people to keep thinking and sharing as we go.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  •    Create an outlet for sharing best practices
  •    Provide an opportunity to address a multitude of issues and concerns within the session
  •    Based on key subjects submitted by the group, use breakout sessions to come up with best practices or a recommendation that everyone can be inspired by and benefit from

About the Facilitator:

April Royce has been learning Lean since 2007, when Ruger Firearms adopted the methodology. Through personal initiative she has begun to expand her knowledge in the area of lean accounting. Now, at Canam, April was recently appointed as Finance Transformation Specialist. Canam decided to embrace Lean throughout all areas of the organization; starting first with manufacturing in 2014, the global finance department has now begun their journey to implement Lean Accounting practices.

April has a BS in Accounting from Franklin Pierce University and is working toward her MSA at Suffolk University. This is her debut as a presenter at the Lean Management & Accounting Summit.