Lean Accounting Based Leadership & Management

Presented By:

Bill Waddell

Session Abstract:

Companies pursuing Lean Accounting usually create well defined Value Stream P&L’s but when that is the core of their financial data there is a tendency for senior management to use it as an opportunity to micro-manage; and for front line people to be held responsible for things they don’t control.  In fact, while the Value Stream P&L is the backbone, there are portions of it, subsidiary data and metrics and summary data that is appropriately used by people at the various levels to meet their responsibilities ranging from long term strategy to very short term execution.

In this presentation Bill Waddell will describe what that level specific data is that ties to the Value Stream P&L’s and how it is effectively used by people at various levels of the organization to draw accurate conclusions and meet their responsibilities.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Who should be concerned with the various data elements in the Value Stream P&L and how they should use it
  • The subsidiary and summary accounting data and metrics that link to the Value Stream P&L
  • How each level uses the appropriate data to make effective decisions

About the Facilitator:

Bill Waddell is a leading Lean consultant and teacher.  He has worked with lean companies in 26 countries on five continents and is regarded as the leading expert in lean management.  Bill has written a number of award winning books and is a prolific lean blogger, coach and lecturer.

In addition to being one of the original Lean Accounting thought leaders sho participated in the fist Lean Accounting Summit in 2005, Bill has served as the technical chair for the International Lean Six Sigma Quality Conference, has written a leading book on Lean Supply Chain Management, is defining the leading edge of Lean Sales and Marketing through forums such as Lean Frontiers Direct and is currently working on a groundbreaking book on Lean HR.

This is the twelfth year Bill has presented at the Lean Accounting Summit, and he has always been among the highest rated presenters.  He is widely known for his engaging, practical and often entertaining style.