LMS in Action

Presented By:

David Dickinson

Session Abstract:

Implementation of the Lean Management System is complex and challenging, but provides an essential foundation for Lean changes that last.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • How ATC implemented LMS and how to do it at your company
  • Opportunities and pitfalls of LMS implementation
  • How to help leaders lead through the LMS

About the Facilitator:

David started his career as a military analyst for the US government. After five years he left to attend seminary, earning his Th.M in 1997 and also joining the US Army reserve as chaplain. Following a two-year stint as part of the management team of a Dallas-based power tool distribution company, he was recruited by Bosch, where he eventually rose to the position of worldwide software solutions architect with offices in Chicago and Stuttgart and facilitated Bosch’s transition to Agile software development practices (the Lean parallel in the software development world).

In an effort to limit travel and increase time with family, David moved to Michigan in 2009 and led a second Agile transformation at a small consulting company near South Bend, IN. At ATC he helped lead the LMS implementation for three different value streams and currently works as the Chief information Officer. He is also the owner of his own consulting company.