Leadersights for the Future

Presented By:

David Veech

Session Abstract:

Love, learn, let go.  Three decisions.  Three actions.  Three habits.  Together, these offer leaders insight (Leadersights) into the true nature of leadership and can create the type of workplace that can thrive in a demanding future.

If you are stuck in a culture of compliance where an increasingly frustrated workforce continues to rely too much on leaders to solve problems, this brief workshop may be just what you need to focus your leadership efforts.  Learn how to create the structure necessary to engage leaders and people, driving new behavior and changing your culture.  Learn how to build an effective leader development system based on current research on change, leadership, group and team dynamics, job satisfaction, intrinsic motivation, psychological flow, and self-efficacy.

Create the kind of workplace where people love coming to work and where they become better thinkers, better leaders, and better teachers.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • Trends that are shaping the future
  • How we probably need to reshape our definition of lean to respond to the future
  • How thinking drives behavior and behavior drives culture
  • More about the Integral Leadership Model
  • Three macro leadership behaviors: Loving, Learning, and Letting go
  • Four focused coaching behaviors:  Challenge, Support, Correct, and Encourage
  • Designing work for higher engagement and satisfaction

About the Facilitator:

David Veech works with people to make workplaces more fun, exciting, challenging, and interesting.  Leaders can make or break this kind of workplace, so he spends a lot of time teaching people how to be more effective leaders.

He is the founder and CEO of D. Veech & Company, Inc. and Chief Learning Officer of Leadersights, non-profit organizations dedicated to creating learning organizations that improve the quality of life of people and communities, particularly through education and healthcare.

David is a Senior Lecturer in the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University, teaching as a core faculty member in the Master of Business Operational Excellence program.  He is a senior consultant with Honsha and co-founder and strategic partner with the Institute for Lean Systems (ILS); Both are international consulting firms.  He began his relationship with Rolls-Royce in 2004, developing and teaching an executive program to accompany the roll-out of the RRPS.

He is the author of “Leadersights: Creating great leaders who create great workplaces (2017, CRC Press), “The C4 Process:  Four Vital Steps to Better Work” (2011, Business Innovation Press, an imprint of Integrated Media Corp.) (www.thec4process.com) and “FirstLine: A team leader’s guide to lean thinking” (2005, PKI) (www.firstlineleaders.com)


David S Veech
Email:  david.veech@leadersights.com

Twitter: @davidveech and @leansights

Mobile: +1 502 517 1845