Re-Thinking HR For Operational Excellence & Culture Change

Presented By:

Cheryl Jekiel

Session Abstract:

This workshop will illustrate the key approaches to Lean Human Resources and how HR can play a vital role in embedding a culture that supports Operational Excellence.

Organizations are struggling to ensure their Operational Excellence and Lean efforts are sustainable and deliver better results year over year.

Building Lean Principles into each aspect of HR helps to ensure Operational Excellence and Lean initiatives become embedded into culture and daily work practices.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • How HR Can Access Talent and Strengthen Engagement for Operational Excellence
  • Using HR To Create Value for Operational Excellence
  • Redesigning HR Strategies to Drive a Culture of Operational Excellence

About the Facilitator:

Cheryl M Jekiel is the Founder of the Lean Leadership Resource Center (LLRC) which helps CEOs of innovative companies and organizations who view their people as a competitive advantage to weave Lean principles into the fabric of their company culture so they get sustainable, constantly improving results that exponentially change the business.

The LLRC partners with companies to drive results by building the skills of their leaders, redesigning human resources practices and improving the culture of their organization. LLRC resources include workshops, presentations, virtual learning communities, publications and various other on-site supports.

Ms. Jekiel has held Vice President of Human Resources positions for a number of companies, including Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc., FONA International, Inc. and Flying Food Group, LLC.

Prior to her recent senior leadership roles in Human Resources and other senior management positions. As the author of “Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Practices for a Culture of Continuous Improvement”, Ms. Jekiel is committed to building Lean HR as a recognized field of work.