Solving the Standard Costing Problem

Presented By:

Brian Maskell

Session Abstract:

Standard Costing and it’s related methods are actively harmful to lean organizations.  Standard measurements, variance reports, and overhead absorption drive anti-lean behaviors.  Standard cost accounting is complicated and very few people in your company understand it; and yet it is used for making important decisions.

Lean Accounting drives lean forward by providing timely, understandable, and relevant information for value stream managers and their teams.  Lean financial reports give clear information that is used by lean companies to drive revenues, profits, and cash-flow.  The lean financial information is “real numbers” because the bottom line amount is what will go into the bank.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • Why Lean Accounting reports are so useful and helpful
  • How to create these reports
  • How to use these reports for better decisions and better results
  • How lean financial reports actively drive lean methods and thinking forwards in your company

About the Facilitator:

Brian H Maskell is pioneer of Lean Accounting and Lean Management.  He is the author of 8 books including the seminal “Practical Lean Accounting”, “Making the Numbers Count”, “The Lean Business Management System”, and “Life’s Little Lean Accounting Instruction Book”.

Brian is the president of BMA Inc., a lean consulting firm that has worked with hundreds of companies world-wide over the last 23 years, and assisted them to become truly lean organizations.  Brian began his career as an engineer  and then went back to school to become an accountant.  It is this combination of engineering, financial skills, and shop-floor lean that makes him so successful with lean organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and other industries.