Lean Transformation of the Motherlode

Presented By:

Jerry Solomon

Session Abstract:

Learn how lean and lean accounting transformed a critical value stream to enable sales and profits to grow while engaging all of the associates.  This case will illustrate the physical, organizational and accounting changes that facilitated rapid improvement in an area of the business which simply could not be allowed to fail.  In addition to sharing the accounting changes, this session will focus on the entirety of the transformation including capital equipment justifications in a Lean environment, materials flow, organizational changes, inventory valuation, Plain English P & L’s, incentive systems, impact on the customer value proposition and overall associate engagement.

About the Facilitator:

Jerry has over 35 years of experience working in a variety of industries where he has held the CFO and Vice President of Operations positions. He led Lean transformations achieving dramatic improvements in inventory turns, lead-times, customer service, income and cash flow. He has authored 3 Lean books, two of which won the prestigious Shingo Award: Who’s Counting? and Accounting for World Class Operations as well as Leading Lean. He was the Maryland Lean Leader of the Year in 2013. He is a founding thought leader and subject matter expert in Lean Accounting and has been teaching and practicing Lean Accounting for the last three decades. Jerry introduced Lean to Barry-Wehmiller, a $2 billion global packaging firm that is a recognized leader in Lean culture. Jerry is a long time board member of the Maryland World Class Consortia and a frequent speaker at industry conferences