Attack on Traditional Accounting

Presented By:

Bob Hahn

Session Abstract:

How do your value stream managers make decisions? The 8 Deadly Wastes creep into daily processes and eat away at your profit margins. In this session, we’ll define the 8 wastes and you’ll learn how to identify and measure them so you can train your managers to be brutal with waste.

By focusing only on the results oriented Income Statement, we allow waste to hide and grow within our processes. Bob will show you how to challenge yourself and your managers to stop measuring only results and start measuring processes.  The accounting department has a key role in accessing the mountains of data to create meaningful management reports.  It’s unlikely that this is the traditional income statement!

Bob will introduce the wastes in actionable terms. He’ll give personal details from his CPA firm and those of his clients about how to identify them, solve them, and measure the solution’s ROI. You’ll be challenged to create a company culture that seeks and destroys the deadly wastes wherever they hide.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • Broaden your horizons and identify each of the 8 deadly wastes
  • Specific examples of each waste – they appear in more applications than you might think
  • Designing corrective actions for each of wastes
  • Thoughts concerning the measurement of the waste – the role of the accounting department

About the Facilitator:

Bob Hahn has been a partner at Hahn & Houle LLP Chartered Accountants since 2004. Prior to that, Bob was an Assurance
Partner at Grant Thornton LLP for 14 years. Bob has been a Chartered Accountant since 1982 and his practice focuses on accounting services, process improvement consulting, lean accounting and business valuation advisory services for construction, manufacturing and professional service companies.
Recently, as an instructor for the ICAA, Bob taught in areas of Practice Management, Analytical Procedures and Quality Assurance. He has also been the Treasurer for numerous foundations and associations. Bob has a keen interest in Angus Cattle, Tennis, Border Collies, Sailing and Scotch.