Rev Up Your Engines as a Lean Enterprise

Presented By:

Cheryl Jekiel

Session Abstract:

An exploration of the overall importance of the support functions (Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Quality, etc.) in driving strong performance.  As potentially the engine of the organization, huge wins can come from ensuring the efforts of the all the support functions impact external customers.   Not necessarily by directly working with customers, but by strategically supporting the internal teams in ways that significantly impact customers.  In addition, actually blending the skills of the support functions (i.e, Accounting, Human Resources and Information Technology professionals) can propel an organization to new levels of success compared to the utilization of traditional cross functional teams.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The session highlights how Support Functions can be the engine to a business instead of just enabling key the traditional key functions of sales and operations.
  2. The session reviews how raising the bar of expectations for each support function, both apart and together, is imperative for a truly high functioning organization that utilizes principles of lean enterprises.
  3. The session explores methods and practices for Support Functions to work together on a daily basis through integrating their diverse skills and approaches with a focus on the most important challenges at any point in time.
  4. This Session provides ways to present a unified set of services to the entire workforce including using service surveys to identify ways to improve as a service team.

About the Facilitator:

Cheryl Jekiel, Award-winning author of Lean HR

Currently Cheryl M. Jekiel is the Founder of the Lean Leadership Resource Center. Previously, Ms. Jekiel has held a number of senior leadership roles at Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc. ,Vice President of Human Resources for FONA International, Inc. and Flying Food Group, LLC.  Prior to her recent senior leadership roles in Human Resources, Ms. Jekiel served for five years as Chief Operating Officer, after a number of other leadership roles, at a Specialty Bakery in the Chicagoland area.  Having developed an expertise in Lean manufacturing with a particular focus on Lean cultures, Ms. Jekiel brings a tremendous passion for continuous improvement and to building Lean HR along with other Support Function lean efforts as a recognized field of work.