Virtual Obeya: the Return on Investment of Digital Visual Management

Presented By:

Jeremy Langburt

Session Abstract:

As one of the hottest topics at the summit this year, there is no doubt that Visual Management / Obeya are recognized as an integral part any successful Lean Management System. However, there are some limitations to the implementation of such a key management best practice throughout an organization.

In this session, three case studies will be presented to demonstrate when traditional Visual Management / Obeya was just not possible, and how each of the organizations involved overcame their obstacles, achieving significant benefits and savings through the use of a digital solution.

The presentation will delve into the tangible and intangible benefits of a Digital Visual Management solution, with each case study presenting the Return on Investment from a different perspective.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • the constraints of traditional Visual Management / Obeya
  • how a Digital Visual Management solution overcomes these constraints
  • the Return on Investment of a Digital Visual Management solution – both tangible and intangible benefits
  • the best practices when deploying Digital Visual Management

About the Facilitator:

Jeremy’s first introduction to Lean was during his training as a Chemical Engineer at Queen’s University in Canada. Working as an engineer in the Plastics industry, and then in Water management, he introduced lean concepts wherever he went; installing a Kanban inventory system to start, and ending with a just-in-time production model.

Jeremy moved from a Lean Production focus towards Lean Management during his MBA in Madrid, Spain, applying the same continuous improvement concepts to managerial issues. This transition brought Jeremy to discover the glaring inefficiencies in traditional Visual Management practices in certain contexts, and to discover iObeya, which he now represents in North America.