Use of Visual Management Boards/Systems in the Office

Presented By:

Jim Zupancic

Session Abstract:

Launching continuous improvement in the office in a large multinational organization can be a daunting challenge. Dover with share with you how it has used visual management boards/systems to engage employees and drive change in the office.

Dover will share examples, challenges, and improvements as well as its next steps in the office lean journey. Key elements include training, implementation, importance of PDCA, and full employment engagement.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • To decide what types of information are included in visual management reviews.
  • How regularly-cadenced team huddle sessions drive improvement.
  • How the improvements are identified, communicated, and prioritized.
  • To monitor and use PDCA for visual management processes.

About the Facilitator:

Jim’s Finance and Operations backgrounds have yielded a diverse knowledge base that has led him to drive innovation in every corner of the organization. Jim always has the customer – and thus value – in focus, strategically working towards an ever-changing future state. His overarching goal is to develop team members to ensure successful evolution and achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. Jim began his career in the Finance track at Parker Hannifin where he “had lean done to him” as he often says. He then moved into Lean and Operations roles at Parker to more broadly impact business results. With the goal of learning more about the healthcare and service industries Jim moved to Stericycle. After learning much about the service industry at Stericycle, Jim joined DE-STA-CO, a Dover Company, and led its global lean journey through the development and facilitation of a lean immersion training and accompanying processes. He was then given the opportunity to more broadly contribute to Dover, by leading CI at Dover’s largest segment, Engineered Systems. Jim has since been given responsibility for evolving Dover Engineered Systems’ Supply Chain people and processes. Outside of Dover, Jim is an avid health enthusiast who enjoys lifting, cycling, yoga, and reading about all things health and wellness. This passion inspired his entrepreneurial side, and he currently is working to grow Systemixed LLC, a small business aimed to reduce variation in metabolism. Jim also teaches Economics at Columbia College Chicago, the largest private liberal arts school in the United States. Jim is based in Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio.