Beyond Heros…a lean management system in healthcare.

Presented By:

Kim Barnas

Session Abstract:

Hospitals have been relying on heroics and firefighting to save the day, resulting in a lot of people putting safety and quality at risk while increasing costs. Facing the need to improve, some have bravely turned to lean thinking. But this new way of thinking is incompatible with the old top-down, hero-based system of management that presides in today’s healthcare culture. Kim Barnas has a story to tell about how her team created a management system; one that is stable and lean, from frontline supervisors to the president that creates a new culture of continuous improvement. Through this journey, Barnas now has a necessary road map for a better healthcare system that can be customized for other organizations willing to face the rocky terrain ahead.

Join Kim Barnas, author of the book Beyond Heroes, A Lean Management System for Healthcare will highlight of how her ThedaCare team created a Lean Management System through a series of experiments at ThedaCare in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • how to create a system of continuous improvement aligned with strategic goals
  • how cascade information effectively throughout the organization
  • how to implement a system where employee coaching and mentoring can occur on a daily basis
  • what it looks like to have standard work for executives in gemba to support daily continuous improvement

About the Facilitator:

Kim Barnas has a Master’s of Science in Health Care Administration and served as a Senior Vice President of ThedaCare and President of Appleton Medical Center and Theda Clark Medical Center.

Kim has enjoyed the opportunities provided by ThedaCare as they have been on their lean journey for the past nine years. The ThedaCare Improvement System (LEAN) path started with Value Stream mapping followed by improvement events, and projects. She was involved in leading two of the initial Value Streams for OB and Cancer Services.

As the journey continued, a new challenge emerged—the need for a systematic method to sustain improvement, clarify daily continuous improvement opportunities and deliver on strategic deployment. To meet this need, Kim and her team led the development of a management system. This lean management system is designed to deliver improved performance through a predictable process that develops leaders, identifies defects, solves problems and develops people.

In 2014 Kim authored a book titled “Beyond Heroes, A Lean Management System for Healthcare” based on this journey.