The Lean Management Journey at Nicholson Manufacturing

Presented By:

Rhonda Morrison

Co-Presented By:

Doug Jeffery

Session Abstract:

In the fall of 2013 Nicholson began the transformation from traditional, functionally organized manufacturer to a value stream structure in support of its lean strategy.  In this session we will describe the transformation effort, including:

  • How the value streams were determined
  • The effort to restructure the people, resources and processes
  • The cultural transformation the effort entailed
  • The restructuring of the supply chain into a kanban/demand pull based approach
  • How value stream accounting, strategically based metrics and cell specific gemba board tracking impacted the organization
  • The significant improvement in productivity and throughput and resulting expansion of capacity we realized as a result of the effort

As information, Nicholson is a privately owned, 67 year old British Columbia base manufacturer of machines and parts for the logging and forest products industries

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • In this session you will learn the elements that characterize various management systems used throughout history
  • In this session you will learn the six elements of a Lean Management System and how they work in concert with one another to create a learning organization
  • In this session you will learn the fundamentals of how to develop a Lean transformation plan and manage its implementation

About the Facilitator:

Rhonda Morrison is the continuous improvement manager, and responsible for leading and guiding the transformation effort.  Her background is in operation, primarily supply chain, and she has worked for Nicholson for 21 years. 

Doug Jeffery has been the president of Nicholson for 12 years, and has extensive experience in the forestry and sawmill industries as an operating manager and consultant.