Employee Engagement – The Safe Path to Lean Success

Presented By:

Robert Hafey

Session Abstract:

A common requirement to attain either world-class lean or world-class safety is the ongoing engagement of the workforce. Lean thinkers agree that employee engagement leads to long-term lean success. Too often lean has been used as a cost savings methodology by management and as a result gaining employee interest and buy-in can be difficult if not impossible. This session suggests a different path to lean success – a safe path. By using some of the common tools in a lean thinker’s tool box and focusing on safety instead of cycle time, you can easily start to build an understanding and acceptance of lean while you improve safety in your facility. This safe path to lean will win the employee’s hearts and minds.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • about the strong link between lean and safety improvement activities
  • how to engage your employees in meaningful improvement activities
  • about the importance of trust building and the management actions that kill trust
  • how to re-start or accelerate your lean journey

About the Facilitator:

Robert is passionate about continuous improvement and has a broad range of operational, maintenance and safety experience. He authored the first book that linked lean to safety – Lean Safety – Transforming your Safety Culture with Lean Management followed by Lean Safety Gemba Walks – A Methodology for Workforce Engagement and Culture Change. He is a skilled presenter and facilitator whose work has taken him to China, Australia, Ukraine, England, Canada and the US.

His work history is in industrial maintenance and operations management at both US Steel and Flexco. He also has been an AME volunteer for over 20 years and served as a regional president and has filled a variety of roles on annual conference teams.

His current role is president and founder of RBH Consulting LLC which assists businesses on their lean journey by helping them understand the safest and surest path to lean success is employee engagement.