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Lean Accounting & Lean Management Summit Presenter Page

Thank you for being a presenter at the Lean Accounting & Lean Management Summit this September in Savannah, GA. Hopefully you are aware, you are a key part of making the Summit a success. Sharing your story adds to the rich body of knowledge that has steadily grown over the years. Bookmark this page and refer to it often as you prepare for your Summit experience!

The Lean Frontiers Team

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Deadlines & Due Dates-3

Great Places to eat in Savannah!!

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Presenter Registration – Complete task by April 21, 2017

Per the event MOU, Primary and Secondary presenters are compensated summit registration fees differently.

  • Primary presenters are extended a fully comp’ed summit registration.
    • Click here to register: Primary Presenter
      • On the agenda page, please check the box for the “2017 Lean Accounting/Management Summit” and enter discount code “presenter” to waive the registration fee
  • Secondary presenters are extended a 50% discounted summit registration.
    • Click here to register:  Secondary Presenter
      • On the agenda page, please check the box for the “2017 Lean Accounting/Management Summit” and enter discount code “copresenter” to receive a 50% discount on the summit price


Spread the Word

Please share and promote with others through social media, blogs, email signature lines etc. that you are presenting at the upcoming Lean Accounting & Lean Management Summit.

We have created graphics you may use to do so.  This should make it as easy as 1.2.3 to share the news!  Tag us while you’re at it so we can share as well!

Summit Graphic 1

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Submit Travel Details – Complete task by June 30, 2017

Click here to submit your travel information:  My Travel Plans

This information assures the summit’s event planners make proper room night reservations for you at the venue.  Room night’s are paid for as outlined in the event MOU.

  • 2 nights for a primary presenter
  • 3 nights if the primary presenter is also facilitating a pre-summit workshop

You are invited to stay extra nights and may pay for those upon checkout.

You are invited to stay extra nights and may pay for those upon checkout.  Sharon, our event planner, will make your room night reservations for your ENTIRE stay on your behalf.  Those room nights above and beyond what are covered on your MOU you will be responsible for upon checkout.

Approximately 2 weeks before the summit look for an email from Sharon Brown that contains your confirmation number.


Presentation Powerpoint Template

As you are creating your presentation for the summit, you are invited to use a summit specific powerpoint template but, also welcome to use your own.  If you would like to use the summit specific template, you can access it for download here:  LAS-LMS Template

Please make sure you are building your presentation in a 16×9 format.  Also, please embed any video as internet connections on site can be “iffy”.


Submit Your Presentation – Complete task by August 25, 2017

The summit presentations are always made available to our attendees pre-summit.  This allows them to print hard copies to bring to the event with them should they choose.  Please adhere closely to the submission deadline as a courtesy to the attendees as well as the event planner.

If your presentation may not be shared for any reason, please indicate so when submitting it.

At whatever point in time your presentation ready, please submit it by emailing it to:  presentations@leanfrontiers.com

If your file is too large to email or you have firewalls within your company that prevent you from emailing please use: https://free.mailbigfile.com/


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Presenter Reimbursement

Post summit you will receive an email from Jaclyn Molewyk reminding you to submit expenses for reimbursement as outlined in your MOU.

You may submit for reimbursements at any time by following this link; please note, reimbursement checks are not mailed until the event has ended:

Submit My Reimbursement


Summit Photos

We often receive messages post summit from presenters requesting copies of photos taken at the event.  Please check back here approximately a week after the summit for those photos.  You are welcome to use them for your newsletters, social media postings, blogs etc.  However, we ask you make reference to Lean Frontiers and/or the event itself.  Please click on the “Flickr” box above to access photos.


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