Introduction to Lean Accounting

Presented By:

Brian Maskell

Session Abstract:

This is an introductory course. Its aim is to present an overview of
the reasons why lean accounting is important and the new methods
that lean manufacturers are using to bring their measurement and
accounting processes into line with lean thinking

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • to gauge the extent to which the problems with traditional
    accounting are a problem in their own companies
  • the BMA, Inc. “Starter Set” of performance measures
  • to understand how value stream costing simplifies the
    development of costing information
  • how to make business decisions using the lean
    accounting box score
  • how to develop a plan for eliminating operating and
    accounting transactions as lean manufacturing is implemented

About the Facilitator:

BMA Inc. consultants are experts in Lean Accounting, and Lean
Manufacturing. Our services include education, training, consulting, and
business counseling to companies involved in the transformation to lean.