Integrating Visual Management and Leader Standard Work

Presented By:

Drew Locher

Session Abstract:

Leaders must change their traditional approaches to managing in order to effectively lead in the Lean Enterprise. The inability of leaders to do this is a common cause for an organization’s inability to sustain Continuous Improvement. Leader Standard Work is a tool which can help leaders create new routines and habits to make CI a natural part of the leader’s role. Visual Management can make all that is expected of a leader much more simple to perform. Together they constitute key elements of a successful Lean Management System.

This workshop will cover the key concepts, and provide participants the opportunity to create an initial design for a visual management system, as well as a draft of his or her Leader Standard Work.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • What constitutes Leader Standard Work and how for any leader it makes actionable the various elements of a Lean Management System.
  • What constitutes a comprehensive Visual Management System
  • How the Lean Management System is an ‘engine’ for continuous improvement
  • How Leader Standard Work and Visual Management can create an environment of trust, which is essential for the success of all organizations.

About the Facilitator:

For over 25 years Drew Locher has been helping organizations in a wide variety of industries to apply Enterprise Excellence and Organizational Development concepts in order to improve performance. He is a four-time author and two-time Shingo Prize recipient for Research. Drew has been a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) since 2001. He currently delivers the University of Michigan ISD Lean Leadership program, as well as its Kata certificate program. Drew is also a certified Job Instruction (JI) instructor.