Lead your Company to Create a Complete Lean Enterprise

Presented By:

Michael Ballé

Session Abstract:

Lean is a full business strategy. Many companies try lean in kaizen events and then fits and starts, and never quite discover the full benefit of leading the firm entirely with lean. After a decade of developing large-scale lean programs, and a further decade working directly with CEO to help then lead their company to lean, Michael will share a three-step method to fully transform your business by, first, 1) learning to lean kaizen firsthand on the gemba, then, second, 2) set up the management systems required to support kaizen from every one, every where, all the time and, thirdly, 3) develop the leaders who will take this lean management system further and turn spot kaizen into full-blown innovations.

Learning Objectives:

How to work with your team to:

  • how to practice lean firsthand on the gemba as a leader
  • how to create the management environment for sustainable improvement from non-stop kaizen
  • how to develop the leaders who will invent the systems that will take the company into its next phase of growth

About the Facilitator:

Author and Speaker. Michael is associate researcher at Telecom ParisTech, and holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne in Social Sciences and Knowledge Sciences. For the past fifteen years, he has focused on lean transformation (how companies use lean techniques to develop a lean culture) as part of his research on knowledge-based performance and organizational learning. He has written several books and articles about the links between knowledge and management (Managing With Systems Thinking, The Effective Organization, Les Modèles Mentaux), and more recently, co-authored two business novels published by the Lean Enterprise Institute, one about lean turnaround, The Gold Mine and one about lean transformation, The Lean Manager. He is a leading expert on lean transformation initiatives, and an engaging and colorful public speaker, experienced in running interactive workshops with large audiences. Michael is co-founder of the Projet Lean Entreprise and the Institut Lean France.